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How can I access Support and provide Feedback?

The "Support" pop-up window is reachable by clicking on the support button located in the top right corner of the PCB website.



In the support window you can:


Find existing articles or solutions to problems by clicking on "Search on Articles" and entering
a string of keywords relevant to your issues to retrieve Articles, you can specify OID,
Catalog Name and type of content to search on specific content issue.



Submit a new ticket, by selecting:


A problem with the application (if you see a technical problem with the application)
Depending on the urgency you can setup the priority of the issue as: High, Medium or Low.



A problem with with the content (if you see a problem with the content/information displayed in the application)
Here you will need to provide:

→ The PCB URL you are in (just copy and paste the browser URL you are in)

→ The OID (Unique Object Identifier)

→ The Catalog (from a list)

→ Content Type (Product information)

→ Pre-Release Information (if this is related to pre-release information)


Sign In Request (Pre-Release access)
Here you will need to provide your:

→ First name

→ Last name

→ HP Sponsor, Contact or Manager*
    *only for HP employees

→ The reason for why you should have special access