New Asset Hub Release

Release 4.5 has been launched!

Start using and enjoying the new functionalities and improvements made to the Asset Hub.
We are always working to improve our services, the most relevant changes for this release are:
  • Now users with read-only permissions can create folders as well! 
  • The list view functionality was improved: now you can configure and select the columns that you want to see! 
  • You can also export your search results to a CSV from the list view. 
  • From now on, you can search for a specific folder, using the search field inside “folders” 
  • You can now add a description to your folders. 
  • You can now see the URL to your folder at a glance, just next to the folder’s title! 
  • Metadata can now be saved with just one click
  • Notification pop-ups will come to you when you enter to Asset Hub, so you are aware of what is happening with your assets. 
As an Agency or HP Partner user, you will not be impacted by this change. You can continue using the HP Passport credentials.

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